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A place for Twin City residents to meet, discuss, and share ideas about gaming.
This is the TC Gamer community.

Give props to a local store, event, tournament, or gaming group! Looking for other players? Looking to meet someone for a Warhammer match? Want to sell off some of your army? Got ideas to bounce around? Join up! Meet new people! Join new games! Ask about new games! Discuss new rules, books, and events coming up! Brag about how you crushed your opponent in your latest match of 40K! Or how you managed to kill off all your players in only a few rounds of combat!

Anything related to gaming is welcome.

Games I enjoy


Podcasts I listen to

Oh, and for the sake of argument, within this community, WoW, EQ, and all other MMO games are NOT gaming. This can be argued til forever, but thats not what this community is for. There are plenty of other WoW specific sites and communities im sure. Go there.