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Time to write

styletax in tc_gamers

Exalted, Nobilis - hello!

What's up, Twin Cities gamers! Just giving a shout-out hello to the community, wondering what games people are into? Specifically wondering if there are any fans of Exalted or Nobilis out there.


Exalted! Was just starting a campaign with some friends, but then I moved from Japan back to the US and never got beyond a quick taste. I've been playing Call of Cthulhu for a few years and that's my fav at the moment.
Oh badass, I was in Japan for a few years as well! However, I didn't get to do any gaming there besides hunting for new flavors of chu-hai at night, ha.
Yeah, I got lucky that some of my fellow JETs were tabletop geeks. Was a good time.
Rad, where were you on JET?
Kasuga City, just on the border of Fukuoka City. Perfect location. What were you doing in Japan?

Also, how long have you been playing Exalted?
I was just north of Kobe for two years and absolutely loved it - going through a bit of weird "homesickness" now, as I've been home for about 10 months. But I won't miss the horribly humid summers with no aircon!

I started playing Exalted probably back in 2003 or so, while I was in college. Have since slowly made the migration to 2nd ed, but really enjoy the way the game is put together. Huge world, tons of possibilities.
Sadly ive been a huge fan of exalted for some time now but my group never really seemed very enthused, and its hard to get a game going when you have the only books.

now thanks to the world of jobs and real life my gaming groop doesnt meet much anymore as is.

Never heard of Nobilis, what is that?

August 2010

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