Looking for A Game gathering? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Hello, I am Jackie also known as Kyuubi, Leader of the Pie Army and Creator of the Pie Army Games organization.
Anyways, I'm serching for gamers and game developers to show off their skills at the Pie Army Games, Gathering. Our theme is Retro Gaming! [Its Free] We will have a 3 tournaments for 3 different games:

Super Smash Bros.[N64]
No Hacking or Modding.
Street Fighter II[SNES]
No Hacking Or Modding.
Pokemon [NDS]
No Hacking, Moding Pokemon. Legendaries are unusable aswell. If you play them, you automaticly forfeit.

Feel free to bring your Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks in aswell, somone will be happy to duel you.

Where will it be?
It will be hosted at the Brookdale, Hennipin County Library on the 15th.
2:45 to 4:30
6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy., Brooklyn Center , 55430

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any of the following contacts:

YouTube: KyuubiEFX
E-mail/MSN: kyuubiofpie@gmail.com
AIM/Skype: kyuubiofpie
Yahoo! IM: squirtle_naruto

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(no subject)

So I stumbled into Tower Games this evening and LO! I found myself in the midst of the TCRP Meetup. After dropping eaves for some time I eventually joined in a conversation and was able to make the acquaintance (thank god for spell check) of several people and also possibly get in on some Exalted action. I kinda feel like Im cheating on my normal gaming group, but we never get to hang out anymore thanks to my craptacular job in which I only have Mon and Tues off.

I am one half the glue that holds the group together according to my buddy. Basically he said "Without you and Cale there, there basically is no group." I actually found that very sweet.

So anyways, Im hoping to perhaps get some week night gaming in, or perhaps just get a better jorb, which is easier said than done, lemme tell ya.

on another note I picked up the new Adventure Module for DnD 4th Ed. Its got some basic rules and sample characters in it. From the way it looks, 1st level characters are roughly at the same level of power as say, a 3-5th level character in 3.5. Depending on choices of course. Half Dragon seems to be a core choice for a race as well. So thats pretty sweet.
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LARP in the Cities?

Hey all, just moved to the Cities in March. I'm curious if folks could point me towards resources for finding out about live action roleplay options up here? I know there's an Amtgard/NERO/boffer larp that meets in a park, but I'm not interested in boffer larps, I'm drawn more to the political / conniving kinds.

I've mostly done convention larps, plus one 'how to host a murder' and an awesome but brief stint with a larp done out of a couples' home. I have yet to begin my search, so even pointing me at the "Duh" sites for twin cities gaming would be appreciated.


Who will be eaten??

Finished my model. Pic kinda sucks. I need a digital cam as my phone doesnt get the subtleties in the skin and such. Ahh well...

Im not gonna cut, because you dont have a choice when it comes to Cthulhu. He eats you whether you want it or not.

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WH Fantasy Tournaments

So does anyone participate in any local Warhammer Fantasy tournaments?

If so, where, and what is it usually like? How do they score?

Podhammer, which is out of Australia talks about how in their tournaments there is a composition score given out by your opponent based on how balanced your army list is as opposed to being cheesy or fluffy.

Cheesy = Being super exploitive about something in your army, such as an Empire player with two Steam Tanks. Or a Brit Army with many many flying Peg Knights. The kind of armies that require little skill and just bowl over everything in their path.

Fluffy = The opposite where you may actually have a weaker list in order to stick to some theme or idea.

So Im curious, if anyone knows, what is the tourney scene like here?
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So the interests for this community are at 46/150. Those were just the ones I could think of off the top of my head when I came up with this place. Any have ideas/suggestions for what else to add in there?
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