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WH Fantasy Tournaments

So does anyone participate in any local Warhammer Fantasy tournaments?

If so, where, and what is it usually like? How do they score?

Podhammer, which is out of Australia talks about how in their tournaments there is a composition score given out by your opponent based on how balanced your army list is as opposed to being cheesy or fluffy.

Cheesy = Being super exploitive about something in your army, such as an Empire player with two Steam Tanks. Or a Brit Army with many many flying Peg Knights. The kind of armies that require little skill and just bowl over everything in their path.

Fluffy = The opposite where you may actually have a weaker list in order to stick to some theme or idea.

So Im curious, if anyone knows, what is the tourney scene like here?


I haven't been in a tourny for a long time but I've doubt they've changed much.
You play 3 to 4 rounds againist a random opponet. Each round has a scenario where special rules are used ex: scouts or king of the hill . You shake and play your armies to the best you can in order to win. After the battle players rate each other on several factors
How fun was the opponet to play againist
How good did his army look.
How Balance was his army? was it fun to play againist?

These help rate Sportsmanship , Composition and Army Look.

All the scores are tallied up at the tournments end and usally a reward is given for each of the above catergories and best overall. Sometimes one is handed out for most Victory points but thats not rouge trader tournment standard.

(Rouge trader tournments are like mini Grand tournments .)

I still covet my Best Army Composition Award.

August 2010

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